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Welcome to Pamro - Your Gateway into Africa

The importance of regular, robust and industry recognized Pan-African Audience Measurement and Media Research can not be under-estimated in both developing the media in African and in the critical role the media plays in social and political development. International and continental investment in media, to foster the growth and development of media outlets and content - commercially (through advertising and sponsorship) or through investment in content and distribution - will quite simply not happen without high quality, independent and rigorous audience research data.

This critical information is conspicuously lacking in Africa. In almost all countries audience measurement and media research data is either completely unavailable or available on very ad hoc and often, unsound, bases. In only about five African countries (i.e Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ghana) is audience measurement data available on a consistent and regular basis. The unavailability of audience and media research in Africa is as a result of two main problems: Lack of understanding of the need and use of this data and the lack of financial resources required to invest in the collection and dissemination of such data.