PAMRO CONFERENCE 2011: Dakar, Senegal


    Pamro presentations - Dakar Senegal 2011

  • Marktest Angola - August 2011 - Filipa Oliveira_Dakar.pdf
  • Pamro Country Reports 2011.pdf
  • JoeBoniaszczuk_UpdateonPALSMs_V01.pptx
  • How to see Africa like you have never seen it before - Chris Maroleng.pptx
  • The Development Status of Media Audience Measurement in Sub Saharan Africa - SES.ppt
  • Country Activity Report - Phillip Okullo.pptx
  • Opening Presentation - Jennifer Daniel.ppt
  • Global Media Trends and What this May Mean for Africa Steve Garton.pptx
  • Advertising ROI Measurement Joe Otin.pdf
  • Challenges of doing fieldwork in Africa - Mluleki Ncube.pptx
  • KANTAR MEDIA LC PAMRO Dakar220811.pptx
  • Catch_Them_If_You_Can_BicikT_PAMRO_20110822.docx
  • How the media landscape changes over time - Roger Steadman.pptx
  • Changing Face of International Broadcasting in Africa - Kevin Cowan.pptx
  • Digital Africa A new paradigm for media in Africa - Vivien Marles.ppt
  • From 0 to 369 in under twelve months - Josephine Bucknull and Peter Masson.pptx
  • The Need for Training in Better Research Methods - Graham Mytton.ppt
  • Keep your Eye on the Ball - Major Tikiwa.ppt

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